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Top 5 Skills Predicted for Marketers in 2025


Recently, Marketo surveyed 700 Marketing Executives and CEOs across Australia and New Zealand for their predictions on the future of marketing skills and technology in 2025.

In the not so distant future (less than six years away), the marketing profession is expected to dramatically transform.

Fuelled by the evolving business technology and unprecedented changes in consumer expectations, marketers will have to ramp up the skills they bring to the workplace. According to the survey, by 2025 “general marketing skills are expected to fall entirely out of fashion”. This infographic indicates the top 5 skills identified for 2025 and the percentage of participants in the survey who identified them.

The importance of AI & machine learning skills saw a jump from 6% today to 60% in 2025 and neuromarketing saw an increase in importance from 8% to 52%. Furthermore, top skills today like digital marketing and content marketing faced a fade in importance from 73% to 52% and 63% to 39% respectively.

“CEOs believe that about 30% of marketing budget is going to technology.”

The tools and technologies marketers say they will use by 2025 are expected to change as dramatically as the changes in skills. Today email marketing, social media marketing and CRM are the most-used tools — but none of these makes the top three by 2025. Data analytics, AI & machine learning, CX, marketing automation, and CRM are the five top tools in the ideal 2025 tech stack according to the CMOs surveyed.

In the world of marketing, each year becomes more competitive than the last. Marketers who are forward-thinking and focus on strategy gain a clear competitive advantage over others. Paying attention to future trends and equipping yourself with the relevant industry skills are what will help you succeed in 2025 and beyond.

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