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How to manage high performing agency relationships

With Darren Woolley, Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3 Marketing Management At a time when marketers and their budgets continue to be under downward pressure, what can marketers do to obtain greater value from their agencies? The secret is in the relationship. But a great relationship doesn’t just happen, it needs to be managed. We..

Secrets to effective writing

With Sarah Mitchell, Founder of Typeset  Typeset recently launched the State of Writing report to ask: How can our business communication become more effective? Marketing’s million dollar question (on a restricted budget, of course). We chat with Sarah on how to know what your audience really want to read, balancing the scales between quality &..

Why You Need to Focus On the Middle of the Funnel Right Now

Now more than ever, as organisations large and small grapple with the repercussions of the pandemic and economic recession, the pressure is on to boost sales leads and new business activity. As a marketer, this means the bulk of your budget, time and effort goes into the top of the funnel (TOFU). While focusing on..

Building a community through content marketing

With Carolyn Hyams, Marketing Director at Aquent A common misconception of content marketing is that one piece of content = hundreds of leads. Rather, it takes time to see the impact on business outcomes. Carolyn shares her insight on the art of this long term investment – and how she grew the brand through building..

Driving customer experience in B2B marketing

With Rushenka Perera, Head of Marketing ANZ at SAP Is your sales team the key to differentiating through customer experience? Absolutely, if Rushenka Perera, Head of Marketing ANZ at SAP is to be believed. And as a veteran marketer, whose really made her mark in the tech space, we’d say her word is as good as..

Generalist v’s a specialist marketer

As marketing has exploded over the last 10 years, so have the number of specialist areas needed to support the function. This raises the question: are we losing breadth of skill as the depth of skill increases? Are marketers of the future equipped to run departments if they don’t understand how the discreet aspects of..

The power of vulnerability in B2B marketing

With Jeff Clark, CX Strategy Officer at MicroChannel How do we use technology to connect with audiences? Jeff Clark shares his insights on how tech can be used by brands as a tool to gain empathy, drive vulnerability and build a strong customer experience.

Building a thriving marketing team

With Alison Green, Executive Marketing Leader Is your team striving or thriving? We chat with Alison Green, Executive Marketing Leader, as she shares her smarts on leadership and investing in understanding the inherent skills of each and every team member to create a high-performing marketing team.

Connecting with a niche audience

With Nicole Papoutsis, Head of Brand & Marketing at Genea In a world where personalised content is king, every marketer is trying to connect to a niche audience. And Nicole Papoutsis, Head of Brand & Marketing at Genea knows this better than most. Nicole’s award-winning marketing focuses on understanding the motivations of her niche, by being..

The role of marketing in leadership

With Rita Harding, Non-Executive Director / Strategic Marketer Has marketing become all about promotion?  We chatted to Rita, a marketer who knows the ecosystem inside-out on how marketing should elevate above the tactical, in order to reclaim its seat at the leadership table.

Customer Journey Mapping: the most valuable investment you’ll make

Today, more brands are recognising the importance of investing in customer experience, and with good reason. There are numerous studies which link strong customer experience with increased loyalty, retention and lifetime value, as well as reduced churn, better brand equity, and a reduction in the cost of service. Whatever your marketing KPIs, these measures are all worth..

Marketing across multi-national regions

With Tania Mushtaq, Head of Marketing at Boomi Balancing global stakeholders with the nuances of regional marketing is tough. In this episode Tania she shares her advice on navigating the complexity of multi-national marketing and finding success in the Asia-Pacific & Japan market.

Creating a distinct brand voice

With Sara Howard, Founder & Director at Writers Australia How can a strong brand voice support the customer journey? How do you avoid buzzword bingo? In this episode, Sara Howard shares her pearls of wisdom, such as creating the ‘ah-ha’ moment for your reader through surprising words and the two critical elements of a strong..

Marketing in times of crisis

With Joel Goodsir, Head of Marketing at Inspirations Paint Find out why Mark Ritson praised Joel Goodsir as a smart marketer in The Australian. In this episode Joel shares his story on investing in brand and marketing during COVID-19, and how he rallied the troops to build a click and deliver service within weeks, and managed..

Marketing’s Job in Times Of Crisis, Pandemics and Other Catastrophes

All over the world, governments, businesses and communities are fighting against a modern-day pandemic – COVID-19. The sheer scale of this pandemic is like nothing any of us have seen in our lifetime. Economies are being crippled, businesses destroyed, and lives lost. Whilst this is by far the biggest crisis we’ve had to deal with, it’s not..

The Ins & Outs of Content Pillars: Part 2

In Part One of our blog series on content pillars, we explained what they are and why they’re so important, covering off ideas such as authority building and streamlining the content planning process. But if there’s one key takeaway, it’s that content pillars help you to plan and create informed, consistent and relevant content for your target..

What does Google’s Bert Update Mean for Content Marketing?

As far as updates go, Google’s newest, Bert (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, to be exact) is quantum in scale. Predicted to impact up to 10% of ALL searches and already having an impact on featured snippets globally, this algorithm update will drastically change how your content is understood by search engines.

The Ins & Outs of Content Pillars: Part 1

To be successful in content marketing, you need to be clear on your purpose and the messages you’re trying to convey, otherwise you won’t get the cut-through in today’s cluttered content landscape. This is where content pillars come in.

How to create quality content at scale

Producing high-quality content consistently is hard. It takes time, a fair degree of effort, and a crystal-clear vision of what you’re aiming to achieve.

Marketing metrics every B2B organisation should track

A recent LinkedIn post on the difficulty of marketing metrics in B2B got me thinking. In our work with clients (many of them B2Bs), measuring marketing activity is critical. Not just because we need to be more accountable for where the investment is going, but to validate the critical role marketing plays as a strategic pillar for B2B organisations.

4 steps to creating a detailed buyer persona

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve poured all your resources into creating content that didn’t attract a single prospect/client? We know that sucks. From our experience, the number one factor for people dismissing content is lack of relevance. Here enters ‘buyer personas’ – the key to creating relevant, engaging and useful content..

How to create customer-centric content that sells

Almost half of your customers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep and 70% prefer to learn about new products through content over advertising. There’s no denying it: creating relevant content that meets customer needs is vital.

How to Leverage Personalisation For Growth

In the age of the customer, our efforts to prioritise personalisation is critical to the success of our marketing. And while personalisation can be a multi-faceted matrix, it doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult to get started.

How To Use Customer Journey Mapping To Grow Sales

Transcript: Today I want to talk about the topic of customer journey mapping. It comes up a lot, but less focusing on what actually is it and how is it important in terms of informing content marketing and marketing, sales activity.

How To Find The Right ROI Metrics By Leveraging Data

Transcript: We did a video or vlog recently about the difference between an analytical marketer and a creative marketer and thought it was worth touching more deeply on the analytics piece of data. Because the reality is, although data is so prolific today, not all data is equal and not all data is relevant.

How Brands Can Use Content Personalisation

Transcript:  Today I want to talk about content personalisation, and by personalisation, I don’t mean “Dear First_Name”, I mean really understanding the audiences we have and tailoring the messaging and content that we send them to their interests and their needs. Watch the vlog or read our transcript below to find out more.

Why Every Marketer Should Re-purpose Content

Struggling to create new content for your marketing strategy? It’s time we talk about content re-purposing and the importance of doing that piece of work early in your planning phase.  

Analytical vs Creative Marketing: The Balance For Driving Growth

CMOs need more than one string to their bow According to findings from the recruiting firm Spencer Stuart, after 42 months the average Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will be out of a job. The reasons for this vary. A CMO has to juggle many balls in the air and are often blamed when things go badly...

Change Management for Content Marketing

Transcript: Today we’re going to talk about change management and the importance of that, in developing content strategies and actually rolling out content strategies.

TSM @ the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

As part of our partnership with the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, we spoke to countless marketers over the two day conference and ran a content strategy workshop on day three.

Top take-outs from the 2018 Research: Content Marketing in Australia

Every year Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conduct research on the state of content marketing, with a customised version especially for us Aussies. The full report came out last week, and we issued our key takeouts hot off the press to our clients and subscribers to SmartFiles (join the list if you haven’t already). Here’s the..

How Organisations Achieve Growth Through Alignment

Growth is one of the key goals of any successful business. However, growth can often bring its own challenges. As a company expands, it will inevitably become more and more complex, and if leadership is not prepared, this can lead to confusion, disarray, and disaster.

How CMOs Can Drive Disruptive Growth

The necessity of all enterprise level businesses to drive the disruptive growth agenda and generate new value is a given, but how this is achieved and who leads the charge is up for the taking.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy, and Why Do You Need It?

It’s not a lack of great content, the quality of the product, or the talent of the people working at a brand that holds businesses back today. It’s the absence of a well-thought-out strategy that prevents brands from making progress on digital channels. According to research-based demand generation team Ascend2’s Digital Marketing Strategy research summary..

4 Lead Generation Mistakes Your Website Is Making

More businesses think their lead generation strategy is not successful (21%) than very successful (13%), according to the Lead Generation Strategy research summary report by Ascend2. If you’re struggling with quality of leads, number of leads, cost of leads, or any other factors, here are four lead generation mistakes you could be making.

Why Does Your Brand Need Customer Journey Mapping?

Emerging technologies make it possible to create positive touchpoints through all customer interactions with a brand, yet many businesses don’t pay attention to how this applies in digital. With global e-commerce sales reaching $1.915 trillion this year, according to eMarketer, the digital customer journey is more important than ever.

3 Tips to Improve Your Native Advertising Campaigns

The world of advertising is shifting to ads that have the same look and sentiment as the content a user is already consuming, marketing messages that seamlessly blend in with the user experience so they’re less invasive and are more likely to be consumed and enjoyed. Think of a sponsored blog post about summer fashion..

4 Marketing Automation Campaigns To Accelerate Your Revenue

With the rise of marketing automation technologies and the increasing availability of data to inform decisions, marketers need to be thinking about the best way to use this data and the technology to grow customers, revenue and relationships. Understanding the customer journey and the brand touchpoints is the first step to identifying the opportunities for..

How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile and Presence

You might not think that LinkedIn’s new(ish) tool – The Social Selling Index (SSI) – is relevant to you if you’re not in sales but not so! It’s all about building relevant connections, engagement and discussions which can ultimately generate a stronger personal brand which can lead to sales or career opportunities.

3 Ways To Grow An Audience With Content Marketing

So you’ve decided to embark on your content marketing journey; you’ve invested in identifying your personas, built out a content calendar, and have begun to create a range of written, visual and video content.

3 Ways To Align Sales & Marketing (For The Greater Good)

The battle between sales and marketing is a old one, and while the tables keep turning, it’s the customer who’s left in the wings and the organisation who bears the scars. Despite a shared goal to grow sales, market share and loyalty, the divide between these functions at a structural or activity level has often..

Marketing automation: what, how and why?

“Dear Mr Smith, we have been informed that you are now deceased… Please pay your bill as soon as possible.” This is the type of disaster that came out of early computer automated letters from financial and other institutions. Thankfully, things have moved along in the past couple of decades but the fact remains that..

Smart lessons from the CMO Summit

It was a schedule like no other. Three days packed full to the brim with keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables and one-on-one meetings – all executed to military precision in the sunny Gold Coast. It was the ANZ 2015 CMO Summit where the head of marketing departments from organisations across Australia gathered with a cross section..

Why you shouldn’t bet everything on AdWords

In this digital age the consumer is in control. With content and research readily available, 70% of the buying process is now complete by the time a prospect is ready to engage with sales. Just getting your business on the shopping list is more difficult than ever, and if it can’t be easily found online,..

Content Creation is a Waste of Time

So much focus is given to content marketing these days, that many businesses are crumbling under the pressure of creating more and more content in an effort to get noticed and build awareness. Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in content creation, however without content promotion, it’s a little pointless.

Do your customers really need you?

In today’s fast paced world, the customer is more powerful than ever. Information is easily accessible, and customers have a multitude of choices. So what makes your business so different? It’s all too easy to get caught up in your own world, whether it’s the quality of your product or your service, the customer is..

Marketing Is Not Advertising. Here’s Why.

What is Marketing? It’s a question I’ve heard countless times – and that’s just from those brave enough to ask (many others just quietly wonder). What on earth is marketing?  Well, I’d like to start by explaining what it is not:

Overcoming the Common Pitfalls of Personalisation

If there’s a prime time to start the personalisation strategy for marketers it’s now. But while there’s an increasing number of resources and tools, offering more advanced capabilities than ever before, marketers are more prone to falling into the common pitfalls. Here’s four common lessons learnt, and strategies to overcome and prevent each pitfall.