Marketing Automation

We recognise that marketing automation can change the way business is done overnight. But instead of rushing to disrupt your current processes, our approach puts simplicity at the centre. We start with pen to paper to understand your needs and map out a solution that works for you.

Implemented and used right, marketing automation platforms can extend your capacity, support sales and marketing alignment and help generate growth. By nurturing leads through the entire buying process, and supporting customer success and retention. Marketing automation allows you to deliver targeted, personalised experiences, leveraging technology to ensure opportunities don’t slip through the cracks, with the benefit of analytics to drive continual improvement.

We are a Certified Platinum HubSpot Partner, and also work across any of your chosen MarTech solutions including Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Automation Strategy

  • Automation mapping & needs analysis
  • Lifecycle and touchpoint mapping
  • HubSpot implementation and integration
  • Workflow design for sales and marketing
  • Lead scoring models

Automation Activity

  • Lead nurture campaign across email and ad channels
  • Dormant database activation & re-engagement
  • Database enrichment
  • Team training
  • Collaboration with global teams for tracking & reporting

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