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Behind all those ICPs, personas and buying committees are people. People who connect emotionally through well-crafted stories, ideas and content that challenge and seduce them. We know B2B is a serious business, but it shouldn’t be dull. With creativity you can outsmart the others and capture the attention and imagination of your buyers.

Ideas & creative platforms

The best ideas come from insight and uncovering the human truth which will speak straight to the heart of your audience. B2B is a long game, and so we believe a robust creative platform needs to stand the test of time to build positioning across the customer journey not be confined to a quarterly revenue cycle. We focus our energy here to get the idea right, so the rest flows smoothly.


Even before AI, hard-to-reach B2B buyers have been inundated with content, most of it fading into the abyss. Content need not be boring, and whilst B2B is complex, the content shouldn’t be complicated. So we think outside the square and imagine new ways of delivering content so it engages, entertains and works hard to meet your KPIs.

Identity & design systems

Every now and then a brand needs reimagining – could be post-acquisition, or a change in market and positioning. Sometimes, established brands need expert interpretation of their global design guides (and engagement with global brand stakeholders) to bring a new idea or creative concept to life in market. We do both, and everything in between.


Our full list of creative services

Creative direction & ideation
Visual identity
Collateral & brochureware
Digital design
Verbal identity
Case studies & customer stories
Illustration & motion graphics
Infographics & data visualisation
Event & booth designs
Explainer videos
Whitepapers & eBooks

"Working with the team at TSM has been a really great experience and we’re thrilled with the positive reaction our new eCase brand has received from our staff, customers and our markets. From day one the team committed to understanding our business and they worked closely with us to keep our projects on track to meet our deadlines. We’re really passionate about what we do and TSM matches this with their passion for great brand strategy and design. "

Jenny Docherty | Head of Marketing | Health Metrics

Our creative work


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