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Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy

Integrated marketing communications strategy

NSW State Government committed to addressing mental health in the workplace through the Mentally Healthy Workplace program. The initiative aimed to deliver 90,000 mentally healthy workplaces by 2022, and represented the largest commitment made by any government in Australia’s history to improving the mental health of Australian workers.


This program brings together five Government agencies (led by SafeWork) to be implemented over four years. It aims to draw attention to mental health in the workplace, and provide employees and employers with tools, resources, educational services and training to actively prevent and address mental health issues.


As part of this we were engaged to develop the overarching three year Marketing and Communications Strategy for the program, and provide recommendations on how all marketing activities should align to deliver success.


We conducted a robust process involving engagement with over 30 key stakeholders across NSW government agencies, the mental health sector (including program partners and NFPs), and business.


We conducted research and ran a series of workshops to identify the customer journey across diverse audiences, surface the challenges and opportunities in the mental health sector, and understand needs of all stakeholder groups.


The result was a comprehensive integrated marketing communications strategy including key messaging architecture across nine key persona groups and covering all physical and digital channels.


“TSM delivered a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to compliment our NSW Mentally Healthy Workplaces strategy. Thinksmart’s approach was structured and ensured all the different elements were considered. The marketing and communications strategy they delivered has been used to now implement campaigns and guide the direction of our marketing efforts.”


Eric Rubic, Work Health and Wellbeing; SafeWork NSW