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Information Transformation

Creating an ownable positioning from ANZ and rolling out to global markets

Over the past decade, Iron Mountain have expanded their capabilities to meet the digital transformation boom. However, with a legacy in physical information management they were struggling to gain traction in this fiercely competitive environment. Through discovery with local field and sales teams, we identified an insight which led to a positioning shift to ‘information transformation’ – bucking the popular trend of digital transformation, and creating a new ownable, credible position that resonated with local sales teams right through to global brand leaders.


Because who better to unlock the value from your assets than the company that’s spent a lifetime protecting them?


Together with an integrated GTM program, this was the catalyst to mandate the rollout of hero messaging and creative assets across multiple global markets with the hero video produced in over 15 languages, all from ANZ.

As part of the integrated full-funnel campaign, we produced a number of assets to drive engagement and progression across the customer journey, carrying the key creative territory throughout. From a comprehensive landing page, whitepaper, and an array of digital assets to fuel paid media channels, into nurture and sales sequences. 

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