St Mary's Cathedral College: Enrolment Drive

A full fledged enrolment campaign

“If they’ve got the talent, we’ve got a place for them.” A campaign to drive enrolments for Australia’s oldest music choir.

St Mary’s Cathedral College, a leading school in Sydney with its origins as a chorister school in association with St Mary’s Cathedral, needed to drive enrolments and interest in the choral program for 2022.  To support the drive, St Mary’s were offering successful pupils a full educational scholarship.

With a need to drive immediate enrolments, we developed a digital and out of home campaign to target parents of boys with musical talent. This included a suite of assets that elevated the school’s communications, balancing the educational message with the choral one, to drive the right applications.

Over the 6 week campaign, we delivered 3.3 million impressions at a lower CPM than benchmark; and almost 100 new application enquiries.