Marketplace Insight Report.

Leading with data-rich insights across OUA's tertiary education marketplace.

To support the ambitious vision of Open Universities Australia (OUA) to become the #1 online education destination for students and universities in Australia, it was time to take the Partner Growth Strategy we’d developed and launch the first execution in market .

Our kick off campaign for the new strategy was aimed at engaging with new and existing partners to cement OUAs new positioning as a marketplace and go-to destination  to make university courses available to students, online, from anywhere.

To drive further credibility of the marketplace positioning, we produced the first ever OUA Marketplace Insights report – sharing key data across the marketplace, valuable to university partners for their own planning.

The report was supported by an integrated campaign across email, digital, trade media, social and ABM, across a two-phased campaign to maximize impact and results given the niche audience of just 42 universities. Despite the small targeting pool, the campaign delivered 153,507 impressions, 497 page visits, and succeeded in building a remarketing audience of over 7000 for future campaign and nurture activity.

OUA Campaign
OUA Report CTA