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How To Use Customer Journey Mapping To Grow Sales

This video delves into customer journey mapping, focusing less on what it is and instead on how is it important in terms of informing content marketing and marketing, sales activity. Full transcript below.

Today I want to talk about the topic of customer journey mapping. It comes up a lot, but less focusing on what actually is it and how is it important in terms of informing content marketing and marketing, sales activity. Customer journey mapping is really understanding the journey that a potential customer, or customer has, from being blissfully unaware right through to being an actual customer and the retention of that customer.

In mapping journeys, what we want to do is get under the skin of that persona and ideally we have different journeys for different personas because they do react differently. We want to understand;

What are their motivations?

What are their fears?

What are their interests?

What’s their emotion state?

What are the sources that they go to as they move through that sales process?

Where do they go to get the information that they need?

All of those things really give us rich data that helps us inform content around, what are the questions we need to be answering for these guys if they’re in the blissfully unaware stage right through to the consideration stage?

What are the things and how is that content quite different?

What channels do they go to at those different points that helps us with distribution, amplification of content?

It also helps us understand how sales and marketing can start coming together and what that intersection point and alignment starts to look like. Marketing’s role in providing some of the material helps push customers more actively through a journey.

Ideally what we want to be doing through our content marketing, when we’re mapping that against our customer journey, is use it to condense the journey, the sales cycle, and actively manage people through it. Often that’s done through lead nurture campaigns. But ultimately, having your customer journey mapped out first and understanding your different personas and how they change across that journey, gives you the right material and information to help create powerful content marketing & distribution strategies.

I hope that’s helped, if you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below. Thank you.