4 Marketing Automation Campaigns To Accelerate Your Revenue

With the rise of marketing automation technologies and the increasing availability of data to inform decisions, marketers need to be thinking about the best way to use this data and the technology to grow customers, revenue and relationships. Understanding the customer journey and the brand touchpoints is the first step to identifying the opportunities for..

3 Ways To Align Sales & Marketing (For The Greater Good)

The battle between sales and marketing is a old one, and while the tables keep turning, it’s the customer who’s left in the wings and the organisation who bears the scars. Despite a shared goal to grow sales, market share and loyalty, the divide between these functions at a structural or activity level has often..

Marketing automation: what, how and why?

“Dear Mr Smith, we have been informed that you are now deceased… Please pay your bill as soon as possible.” This is the type of disaster that came out of early computer automated letters from financial and other institutions. Thankfully, things have moved along in the past couple of decades but the fact remains that..

Do your customers really need you?

In today’s fast paced world, the customer is more powerful than ever. Information is easily accessible, and customers have a multitude of choices. So what makes your business so different? It’s all too easy to get caught up in your own world, whether it’s the quality of your product or your service, the customer is..

Overcoming the Common Pitfalls of Personalisation

If there’s a prime time to start the personalisation strategy for marketers it’s now. But while there’s an increasing number of resources and tools, offering more advanced capabilities than ever before, marketers are more prone to falling into the common pitfalls. Here’s four common lessons learnt, and strategies to overcome and prevent each pitfall.