Why You Need to Focus On the Middle of the Funnel Right Now

Now more than ever, as organisations large and small grapple with the repercussions of the pandemic and economic recession, the pressure is on to boost sales leads and new business activity. As a marketer, this means the bulk of your budget, time and effort goes into the top of the funnel (TOFU). While focusing on..

Driving customer experience in B2B marketing

With Rushenka Perera, Head of Marketing ANZ at SAP Is your sales team the key to differentiating through customer experience? Absolutely, if Rushenka Perera, Head of Marketing ANZ at SAP is to be believed. And as a veteran marketer, whose really made her mark in the tech space, we’d say her word is as good as..

Generalist v’s a specialist marketer

As marketing has exploded over the last 10 years, so have the number of specialist areas needed to support the function. This raises the question: are we losing breadth of skill as the depth of skill increases? Are marketers of the future equipped to run departments if they don’t understand how the discreet aspects of..

Marketing metrics every B2B organisation should track

A recent LinkedIn post on the difficulty of marketing metrics in B2B got me thinking. In our work with clients (many of them B2Bs), measuring marketing activity is critical. Not just because we need to be more accountable for where the investment is going, but to validate the critical role marketing plays as a strategic pillar for B2B organisations.

How Brands Can Use Content Personalisation

Transcript:  Today I want to talk about content personalisation, and by personalisation, I don’t mean “Dear First_Name”, I mean really understanding the audiences we have and tailoring the messaging and content that we send them to their interests and their needs. Watch the vlog or read our transcript below to find out more.

How Organisations Achieve Growth Through Alignment

Growth is one of the key goals of any successful business. However, growth can often bring its own challenges. As a company expands, it will inevitably become more and more complex, and if leadership is not prepared, this can lead to confusion, disarray, and disaster.

How CMOs Can Drive Disruptive Growth

The necessity of all enterprise level businesses to drive the disruptive growth agenda and generate new value is a given, but how this is achieved and who leads the charge is up for the taking.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy, and Why Do You Need It?

It’s not a lack of great content, the quality of the product, or the talent of the people working at a brand that holds businesses back today. It’s the absence of a well-thought-out strategy that prevents brands from making progress on digital channels. According to research-based demand generation team Ascend2’s Digital Marketing Strategy research summary..

4 Lead Generation Mistakes Your Website Is Making

More businesses think their lead generation strategy is not successful (21%) than very successful (13%), according to the Lead Generation Strategy research summary report by Ascend2. If you’re struggling with quality of leads, number of leads, cost of leads, or any other factors, here are four lead generation mistakes you could be making.