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4 Marketing Automation Campaigns To Accelerate Your Revenue

Marketing Automation

With the rise of marketing automation technologies and the increasing availability of data to inform decisions, marketers need to be thinking about the best way to use this data and the technology to grow customers, revenue and relationships.

Understanding the customer journey and the brand touchpoints is the first step to identifying the opportunities for making an impact across the key buying stages: awareness, nurture, conversion, growth, or reactivation. Once you’re clear on this, there are a number of tried and tested automation campaigns you should consider building out:

1. Welcome

This sounds fairly straight forward, but I’m astonished at how many brands fail to take the opportunity to build an engaging onboarding or welcome experience. Particularly useful for subscription or member-based services, this style of campaign works equally well for high value (that’s dollar or emotional value) consumer and professional products – think automotive or technology product. A well thought out Welcome campaign does more than simply give your customers the warm and fuzzies, it can help reinforce their purchase decision and allow you to position related products or services.

2. Nurture

One of the most effective automation campaigns is the nurture. We know that not every lead or prospect is sales-ready, and so with the use of key behaviour triggers, nurture campaigns are critical to keeping the brand top of mind, help accelerate the sales process, or simply stop that prospect from leaking out of your sales and marketing funnel.

3. Cart Abandonment

That’s right, this automation sequence is all about trying to recover an abandoned online sale. With average shopping cart abandonment rates of 68%, marketers responsible for an eCommerce site will appreciate the value of this campaign. Recovering just a margin of those sales can represent significant revenues.

4. Reactivation

Just like shopping carts get abandoned, customer activity sometimes goes dormant and needs a program to re-engage them. By curbing the rate of inactivity and bringing more customers back into the fold, you can significantly increase revenue and reduce the cost associated with customer churn and new customer acquisition.

As well as these four, there are a number of other automation programs to consider including post purchase education, upgrade, anniversary and birthday programs. Finding the programs best for you will depend on your business, your knowledge of the customer journey, the data you have available and the tools to execute.

Get in touch, and we can help you navigate next steps to driving higher revenues through automation.